Every brand has a story to tell

McGrath Media work with clients from a diverse range of industries including, but not limited to…

Medical and health

People are always interested in what medical professionals have to say. Why not share your health advice, news about new products and services or raise awareness of public health issues? Our team has vast experience in exposing health professionals to the right market.

Property and real estate

Traditional media loves to report on the latest news from the Real Estate industry. Here’s your chance to be seen by their audience as an industry authority. Our team can help you find platforms to analyse and report on trends, the market and new property developments.

Financial sector and money matters

Money makes the world go around and financial news appears in every daily news cycle. Would you like to report on policy changes, provide advice or analyse trends? McGrath Media can help establish your brand as the one the media turns to for financial news.

Education field

Changes in the education system affect a wide range of people in the community. McGrath Media helps individuals and facilities raise their profiles and communicate with an engaged audience. Talk to us about how our communications strategies can work for you.

Start-ups & technology

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates once said, “If I had one dollar left, I’d spend it on PR.” McGrath Media writes memorable speeches, press releases, company profiles and investment pitches to grow recognition and awareness for start-ups and technology companies.