Nadine McGrath

Communications strategy specialists

McGrath Media helps businesses develop a communications strategy and navigate the evolving media world to ensure their message reaches their target market.  Our consultants hail from journalism backgrounds, so we know how the media works and have the ability to identify the right story angle or minimise negative publicity.

Our mission is to help businesses navigate the daunting media process to reach goals and produce an engaging communications strategy, which is of real value in building up their trust and profile. Our ongoing commitment to authenticity over spin helps our clients connect in meaningful ways with their chosen audience.

An effective communications strategy has become a vital component of growth for brands. The coverage of a brand and its services or products by a third-party, known as earned media, increases credibility. Digital PR, mentioning you by an online news outlet, another website or influencer, can provide valuable links and improve search engine rankings for your website.

We evolve as communications evolve

While third-party coverage is great for your brand, the game has changed in the world of public relations. A clever communications strategy in the Information Age also involves attracting audiences to owned media, which may include your website or blog. It’s with this understanding we launched Creative Content Co, which focuses on inbound marketing for brands.

Through quality content on their owned media, our clients attract the right target audience.  By nurturing this well-defined target audience through useful content they love, you’re creating qualified leads who are more likely to become customers and even advocates promoting your brand.

International team stays at forefront of modern PR

McGrath Media and Creative Content Co operate from Brisbane in Australia but with a team crossing international borders, ensuring we remain at the forefront of world-best communication practices. Our team is honoured to be working with inspiring people across a range of industries to build brands of significance. We’d love to add you to that list!

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